ONI system is an online application designated for displaying monitored and guarded vehicles. It allows fast access to current and historical data about vehicle movement and various reports generation suitable for company fleet management.

ONI system for vehicle monitoring can satisfy the needs of any private individual, entrepreneur or a company, disregarding its size, and is ideal for monitoring and optimizing the operation of the company fleet.   The online system allows for fast and reliable online data based on the movement of vehicles or the individual driver’s behaviour.

ONI system advantages:

  • Immediate position display – the GPS unit installed in the vehicle records its position every 10 seconds and sends all the gathered data into a portal (the frequency depend on the chosen plan) usually every 60 seconds. The current position is displayed as per the set update without any further delay.
  • Online access – the software and thus the vehicles could be managed from anywhere through any device with connection to internet.
  • Differentiation of individual vehicles – allows for defying up to 250 different types of vehicles by coloured icons.
  • Easy and well-arranged system – fast overview of all the vehicles’ trips, rotes and speed.
  • Connection to CAN Bus – by connecting the unit to the vehicle computer (CAN Bus or FMS) you can receive additional data about the fuel consumption and discover possible fuel theft.
  • Overview per vehicle or driver – option to set reports with detailed information about the driven km, break time or idle time per vehicle or drive.
  • Setting of access rights – set access rights for users to selected vehicles, departments, designate access to contact details in case of an alarm.
  • Additional applications – ONI system offers specialized applications, which can use the extended features of ONI monitoring unit, such as app for monitoring the fleet utilization, driving style analysis, operational expenses and other.
  • Geo-fencing – allows for creating zones and areas of any sizes and shapes (polygon and circle), setting of related rules, SMS and e-mail notifications to monitor the entry, exit and speed of the vehicle.





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