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We produce and provide reliable hardware and software designated for monitoring technologies.

  • Do you need monitoring of assets, people or vehicles?
  • Do you need to manage the operation of your technologies remotely?
  • Do you need the support of a strong partner with high quality products?

You care for your customers, we provide for your business.

Technologies that will help you evolve

Do you wish to use products whose quality is comparable to or even better than the products of your competitors?

Secure the quality of provided technologies by choosing the right provider – one that is the producer as well as the developer and updates his products on regular basis.

We create technologies for clients of all sizes – small, mid-sized and large companies. We consider all the customer’s real needs and design a solution that fits the individual requirements. We are driven by the ambition to create new effective solutions. We are the innovative leader in development of monitoring technologies.

People you can talk to

Do you have specific needs? Talk to us!

  • We deliver technologies that we understand well and we continue developing them
  • We use own hardware and software; we do not depend on third party systems
  • Rely on our expertise and know how


You take care of your customers, we take care of your technologies.

The 24/7/365 support includes help of trained controlling operators and professional support of our skilled technicians.

In case of a technical difficulty, we always try to:

  • make sure you are immediately advised about any issue
  • deal with any issue and resolve any unexpected situation immediately

The provided GPS unit could be remotely diagnosed and restored within minutes!

No more waiting for IT specialists!

Our trained technicians are available on the phone 24/7 to help with any queries and to remotely deal with issues and bug fixing.


Do you want to be sure that your information are safe from possible misuse? Would you prefer to avoid investing into data backup systems?

Use NAM system services of highly secured and accessible data centre.

  • The data flow is cost-effective with respect to the volume of transferred data, as well as to the running costs.
  • The data transfer from the communicators into the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) is encrypted by secured communication paths, which are continuously monitored.
  • We use up-to-date virtualization tools in the data centre therefore we are able to guarantee high accessibility of servers and individual systems.
  • Data flowing through NAM technology centre are also protected against theft and misuse. The entire data centre premises are monitored 24/7, equipped with double floors, special stable gas fire extinguishing system, air-conditioning based on free cooling, redundant electricity backup systems including an aggregate with fully automatic run and two independent supply circuits with multi-level overcurrent protection.


NAM system has been the leader on the Czech and Slovak market of monitoring technologies since 1990.

Join our 9 568 satisfied customers.

Lower the cost of monitoring your assets and properties and be faster at your work.

We know, after 31 years in the business, how the proper use of monitoring technologies and systems contributes to building a successful company. We know what needs to be done in order to make your company successful too!

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