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ONI system allows for vehicle monitoring in real time and an effective management of any company fleet. The ONI monitoring unit, an inseparable part of the monitoring system, uses up-to-date GPS and GSM technologies.  Utilizing the ONI system in the right way results in a cost reduction of up to 20 %.

  • We produce and develop HW and SW ourselves, we can tailor-made our solutions as per the customer’s special needs.
  • Our products are of the highest quality with a minimum breakdown rate; we offer guarantee up to 5 years.
  • Thanks to own radio network we can search for stolen vehicles even in areas without GSM signal.
  • We provide contact and non-contact reading from the on-board computer (CAN, FMS).
  • The “accident detection” feature was fine-tuned during rallies. It has been tested on 120 real accidents since 2008.

The ONI system “accident detection” feature has been tested while securing the run of rallies managed by the Autoclub of the Czech Republic. The feature allows for evaluating the accident and analysing its seriousness. We also have own radio network and can trace back a stolen vehicle on the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Well-arranged and ready-to-use reports for managers show any misuse of the vehicles or a possible fuel theft.

Connection to the vehicle on-board computer (CAN a FMS) provides precise information about the trip length, the odometer status before and after the trip and also the amount of fuel in the tank before and after the trip.

Advantages of using ONI system technologies for vehicle monitoring

  • ONI controlling – 24/7 telephone support
  • Wheel theft, accident on the parking lot or vehicle towing could be detected thanks to highly sensitive accelerometer sensor integrated in the monitoring unit
  • Easy handling, automatic generation of the log-book (only for Czech customers)
  • Complex reports with important information on the drivers’ work effectiveness – idling time, time of engine run, the engine over-speeding
  • Machine utilization – ideal for agricultural and working machinery – detailed reports on the machine inactivity – moving between work or transferring from place to place (longer distances), or being transported (on a deck by using other vehicle)
  • Driving style – detection of aggressive driving, possibility of decreasing the fuel usage and the vehicle wear and tear
  • Increased security of the operating personnel – panic button to call for help

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Visit our demo of the ONI system web application.


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