Rally monitoring

Every rally organizer must comply with rules and regulations that ensure the safety of crews as well as spectators and local residents. The special stages often run through villages and urban areas. It is necessary to coordinate the rally support such as the rally marshals, Rally Control, ambulances and other rescue services as well as the actual rally participants.

ONI system GPS units are installed in the race vehicles and these significantly improve the safety of the drivers as well as the spectators and also help to prevent and/or deal with unexpected situations. Rally Control can monitor all registered vehicles 24/7 via the online portal (www.onisystem.net) and have precise information about the movements and status of the vehicles.

The Rally Control operators monitor race vehicle movements and receive immediate information about accidents or obstacles on the track. They can react to these immediately and, if necessary, send red flags to stop the race.


Use ONI system for effective rally organization

  • Major improvement of rally organisation and coordination between Rally Control operators, the rally marshals and the rescue services. Improvement of safety on the track.
  • Online overview of race and supporting vehicle movements and overview of crews with identification and contact details. Maps with marked routes of special stages, positions of individual vehicles, important points on the track and other POIs including key personnel details.
  • Automatic recording of when vehicles cross a special stage start/finish point.
  • Monitoring of planned and unplanned stops on the track. Minimizing the danger to those crews approaching a vehicle that has made an unplanned stop on the track.
  • Red flags are received by the crew around 2 seconds after being sent by Rally Control (where GSM coverage is available). Immediate resolving of dangerous situations (accident, life threatening situation), communication with the crew, dispatching of the closest rally marshal to the scene.
  • Immediate dispatching of rescue services and paramedics, suspension of the stage, notification of obstacle on the track sent to approaching vehicles. Rally Control can choose to which vehicles red flags should be sent to. Crews must confirm receipt of the red flag notification.


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  • SOS panel in the cars with a SOS switch to call for help and an OK button to allow crews to confirm that they are OK if an alarm situation arises.
  • Back up radio transmission channel. Units inside the vehicle can also send information (of alarms) in areas without GSM coverage. Communication via radio channel 868 MHz.
  • Service technicians can check before the rally (via a self-test) that the unit is operational and transmitting data.
  • Wireless GPS trackers are also available for reconnaissance. Each crew is entitled to drive through the stage course several times before the rally. The drivers must comply with the general traffic code for driving during normal traffic. The rally organizers can then check data from the reconnaissance units. If a traffic code is violated, the crew may be penalized.
  • NON-STOP monitoring of the rally portal during the rally by the ONI system control centre.

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