Reggae GLT communicator

Raggae communicators are ideal for monitoring objects with higher security risks. Thanks to the combination of two transfer paths – LAN and GSM (GPRS/SMS) – the objects are better protected and secured.

The REGGAE GLT communicator is an exceptional solution for objects with higher security risks. It is designated for operation within the NSG network.

Advantages of using the REGGAE GLT communicator:

  • Process and transfer of complete information from all available electronic security systems’ switch boards.
  • Combination of transfer paths LAN a GSM (GPRS/SMS), which provides maximum level of security of message transfers.
  • Monitored quality connection.
  • Two-way communication secured by AES 128 encryption. In case of an outage of the main communication channel, other GSM channels (GPRS/SMS) are used for message transfer instead.
  • High reliability and easy installation.
  • Configuration, complete set up and advanced diagnostic could be carried out locally during installation as well as remotely over the internet.
  • Offered in several variants – separately, as a “box – source” combination or just a “box without a source” with the option of delivery of a back-up battery.
  • The communicator comes with SIM with the set NSG Object service.
  • Low flat rate regardless the transferred data volume.
  • Managed connection time as per the service type (3, 5, 15 minutes).
  • Professional technical support with monitoring of the technology operation.
  • Purchase and renting is available.


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