Panic buttons are small units designed for personal tracking and reporting emergency statuses. In case the monitored person finds himself in danger, he presses the panic button on his tracker and sends information to the control room operator who immediately deals with the situation.

  • Mobile personal trackers – designed for personnel operating in the field, outside designated buildings and areas. The unit can send GPS positions, detect emergency statuses, call for help, make phone calls and monitor the facilities‘ technical statuses.
  • Home personal trackers – designed mainly for elderly who need to be monitored in their homes. The system consists of a stationary device that can connect various wireless buttons, pull cords for the shower or fire and smoke sensors. Such devices allow for calling for help to designated people or control room and automatic detection of emergency situations.

System of emergency buttons – designed for homes for the elderly or any workplace with employees under the thread of an assault or attack (hospitals, shopping centres, petrol stations, etc.). The system consists of REGGAE Communicator with integrated receiver and various wireless devices such as panic buttons, smoke sensors or shower pulls. The emergency messages are sent directly to alarm receiving centre.

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