• Transport optimization in cooperation with Rinkai – calculation of the optimum route for product distribution according to number of available vehicles, type of shipment, its properties, weight and places of uploading and unloading.
  • Navigation as an attendance terminal – the Garmin navigation is connected with the GPS unit in the vehicle and serves as an attendance terminal, where the employee can use an identification chip to clock in and out or go for a break. The information relating the employees attendance are not displayed in our portal but in the customer’s attendance software (such as RON software or Advent software).
  • Online coordination of the intervention vehicles within own controlling departmetn of the Police. The information about police vehicles are clasified and all data are kept in the police system.
  • Sourse for external invoicing for provided services – a customer providing e.g. timber transportation services is invoiced based on the data integrated into the accounting SW – kilometers driven, fuel consumption, trip times and load weight.
  • Operation of the town transportation system – the traffic lights optimization. The GPS units installed in the vehicles (such as busses) sends information about delays into the system which then allows priority passage through crossing for delayed vehicles via altering the crossing controller.
  • Displaying data directly in the customer’s controlling (air emergency ambulance, first aid ambulance, Global Assistance). The customer uses the provided data for quick coordination of own services and displays it in own portal and for a specific purpose.
  • Transport operation within the company premises – the system is used for monitoring unauthorized cargo handling, uploading and unloading on a particular ramp, movement of visitors‘ cars on the company premises (places visited and time spent).

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