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Additional services for monitoring centres

Our customers

No company can survive without proper management and regular maintenance of its hardware and software. We provide high quality technical support and service to our customers.

Our know-how and well documented processes allow us to take responsibility for the smooth run of monitoring technologies.

Choose the type of support that suits your needs. We offer two options:

  • use our free service and support during working hours, or
  • subscribe for 24/7 support with many benefits, such as priority service, contractual commitment for restoring of technology operation, free software upgrade and update, free yearly training for control room operator, lower rates for technician and his travel expenses, 99 % discount on repair material and many others.

Utilize our technologies even better – come for a training 

Would you like your employees to understand NAM technologies better and use them in more efficient way? Do you have questions? Speak to our trainer.
We offer training on the customers‘ premises or in our own training centre in Havířov – Prostřední Suchá or in Prague. The training is run by professionals with many years of experience. The issues are explained in a simple, easy to understand way.


  • Service and free support over the phone
  • Quick response and bug fixing, remote configuration of HW and SW
  • Qualified technicians available 24/7

  • Regular review of the implemented equipment by our technicians
  • Availability of spare parts in 4 storehouses across the Czech Republic
  • Customized training based on the needs and experience of the client


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