19. 4. 2017

For the 10th year, NAM system – division ONI system will be involved in providing monitoring for all rally races, that will be taking place within the framework of the Czech Republic Rally Championship and Rallysprint Series. These events are operated under the banner of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic. Are you interested to find out how races are staged and all the places where you can see rallies this year?

The organizers of each specific rally must always fulfil a range of strict conditions for ensuring safety throughout the rally. ONI system enables the compliance of all these safety regulations as set out by the International Automobile Federation FIA.

Special ONI system GPS units for rally, that are mounted inside the rally carsincrease the safety of spectators and drivers and protects them against unforeseen situations. This ensures the fast and efficient coordination of all organizational components – controllers, race marshals, ambulances, helicopters and the drivers themselves.

Thanks to the web platform www.onisystem.net controllers have a current overview of the movements of each specific vehicle online. The control centre gets information about when a vehicle makes a planned stop (and therefore does not need help) but also when an accident has occurred or there is an obstacle on the course that could be dangerous. The control centre is capable of immediately sending warnings to specific vehicles in the special stage (yellow flag) and in this way, protect against further unnecessary accidents.


DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE? Take a look at the brochure ONI system rally monitoring


And which rally races will ONI system be monitoring this year?

Czech Republic Rally Championship

Rocksteel Valašská Rally 24.03. – 26.03.2017
Rallye Šumava Klatovy 21.04. – 22.04.2017
Rallye Český Krumlov 19.05. – 20.05.2017
Agrotec Rally Hustopeče 16.06. – 17.06.2017
Rally Bohemia 01.07. – 02.07.2017
Barum Czech Rally Zlín 25.08. – 27.08.2017
SVK Rally Příbram 06.10. – 08.10.2017

Rallysprint Series

Rallysprint Kopná 07.04. – 08.04.2017
Rally Vyškov 05.05. – 06.05.2017
The Most Rally 02.06. – 03.06.2017
EPLcond Rally Pačejov 28.07. – 29.07.2017
Rally Jeseníky 16.09. – 17.09.2017
Bonver – Partr Rally Vsetín 14.10. – 15.10.2017


Are you on a rally and do you want to see where the competitors are exactly right now? See http://www.rallyzive.cz/index.cs.html. GPS monitoring units will show their current position.


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