Advantages of using Videofied alarm system

  • Video-verification system for both interior and exterior.
  • Wireless battery-based system – accessibility and usage at any place with GSM network coverage.
  • Quick installation without wiring or charging.
  • Up to 4 years battery live of one set of batteries.
  • Integration of Videofied technology into 1Box® monitoring centre and NET-G monitoring software.
  • 10 seconds long video is sent from the detectors via GPRS/IP in case of an intrusion on the object.
  • The monitoring centre receives first video images as quickly as 30 seconds after the alarm.
  • Used for all types of wireless installations – monitoring of private and corporate objects.
  • Possibility of permanent or temporary (portable) installation.
  • Suitable for monitoring of building sites, scaffolding, remote sites or mines, uninhabited premises and solar panels.
  • Up to 600 meters range in the open terrain.
  • High quality solution, attractive price.
  • Reduction of unnecessary trips of the response group due to false alarms.


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