Utilize smart technologies for heavy lorries and fright transport

  • Effective control and management of the lorries run. Online monitoring – where and when did the drive leave, where is he right now and where is he going to. Speed check as per the producer’s regulations. The owner or the manager receives SMS or e-mail if the set speed is exceeded.
  •  The monitoring is possible in the Czech Republic as well as anywhere in the world (including Turkey, Russia or Greece).
  • Generation of a log book, record of the vehicle run (STAZKA travel authorization in the Czech Republic) – overview of individual trips, routes records, speedometer statuses, travelled kilometres and fuel consumption. Data for the tax office with number of driven kilometres and the length of trips abroad.
  • The connection between GPS navigation and ONI system unit provides a tool for online communication between the operator and the driver. The driver can receive the target information, tips for the best routes ort he estimated time of arrival. In case there is a lorry en route, the operator can send the driver new coordinates for unplanned loading. This can help save money and time and optimize the fright transport management.
  • Monitoring the driving style of your drivers – extreme breaking, aggressive acceleration, fluency or maximum speed check. If improvement is needed, the manager can send the misconducting driver for additional training. Statistics and daily overview could be exported separately for individual drivers. Each driver uses a tag to identify himself. Optimize the driver’s behaviour and lower the costs related to the lorry wear and tear and servicing.   
  • Installation of fuel level meter into the fuel tank allows for monitoring the refuelling frequency, the amount of refuelled gas, quality of the fuel, places of refuelling and consumption. Our system supports commercial and private fuel cards.
  • Panic button could be used by the driver in case of emergency or when feeling threaten. If pressed, the operator in ONI control room is informed and contacts the vehicle owner immediately.
  • Securing of the cargo space with tampers and switches against unauthorized entry. In case of unauthorized entry an alarm is sent to ONI system control room and the vehicle owner is notified.
  • Cold chain management – temperature monitoring for vehicles transporting food prone to spoilage (refrigeration boxes, etc.). By connecting the external temperature sensor you can view the cargo space temperature charts.
  • Lorry guarding. Immediate SMS or e-mail about minor or serious accident.
  • Utilization of data acquired from the GPS unit not only within ONI system portal but also for the customer’s control room – sending information from the unit into the integration systems (ERP) of the customer via APN.

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