Make your work easier with ONI system monitoring units

  • Create the vehicle log book in a simple and efficient way. ONI system web portal allows for exporting accurate data of all trips into MS Excel format. Creating a logbook for a whole year can take as little as 30 minutes. Have data for your accountant ready quickly and without hassle.
  • Do you charge your customers per kilometre? Use reports with fuel consumption and trip length. Set the appropriate price for a kilometre.
  • Would you like to improve the driving style and reactions of your drivers? Do they break or accelerate too aggressively? Use the Driving style feature, evaluate the drivers’ habits, suggest improvements and lower the fuel costs and the vehicles wear and tear.
  • Do you transport special cargo or run a cold chain? Have the temperature of the under control with a temperature sensor in the cargo space.
  • Protect your vehicle against theft. Deal with any damage immediately. Receive SMS and e-mail about the vehicle or the wheel theft, vehicle towing or accident on the parking lot. See the vehicle position in ONI system portal and alarm the police.
  • Do your employees use company vehicles? Use the Driving style feature to see how the vehicles are being handles. Set zones and have immediate information when a vehicle leaves or enters the predefined area. Compare your fuel consumption and the consumption of your drivers.
  • Are you afraid of thieves? Do you wish to avoid meeting them face to face? Do you need assurance that your vehicle could be traced-back even if the GSM signal is jammed? Use the services of our partner intervention groups. Let them find your vehicle even in places without GSM signal.


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