• 1Box pbx (integration of the VoIP telephone switchboard) – back-up your telephone conversation with customers. This module enables the operator to dial phone numbers directly from the controlling software, automatically detects the asset from which a call has been made and marks the call with notes.
  • 1Box guard (integration of navigation for intervention vehicles) – navigate intervention vehicles to specific assets.  The guards do not need to know the maps and streets to locate the asset. The module connects a monitoring system and a vehicle navigation (ONI system) with the controlling software. The operator sends a pre-defined asset information into the intervention vehicle navigation and the monitoring technology of the vehicle provides the operator with information about the intervention progress.
  • 1Box video (integration of the video server) – view the video recordings from cameras installed on the monitored assets during an alarm. The module integrates an ATEAS video-server into the operator’s application. In case of an alarm, the pre-defined cameras are automatically displayed on the asset including a recording made before the alarm.

  • 1Box Videofied (integration of Videofied system) – integration of Videofied wireless security system with alarm video-verification into NET-G monitoring software. Area sensors of Videofied security system are equipped with cameras that generates short video during an alarm. This way the operator has a written description of the alarm as well as a video recording from the affected area.
  • 1Box connect (integration of monitored control rooms) – a software application that allows for electronic cooperation of security agencies during an intervention. Thanks to this cooperation the security agencies are able to provide services even in location that are not covered by intervention vehicles. By pressing an appropriate button in the application the operator sends request to an agency that provides intervention on the affected asset and the entire follow-up communication is done via electronic means.
  • 1Box Patrolcontrol (integration of patrol systems) – the Patrolcontrol system processes data from patrol devices as per pre-set rules and transmits the selected data into operator’s application. This way the operator receives only critical information about patrols that were not executed or distress situations of the patrolling officers.  

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