Current manuals for TICK tracker

TICK tracker User Manual

TICK tracker_User Manual.pdf


TICK tracker application manual

You can find out how to download the application and how to register onto it here. The manual also provides detailed summaries of each function that you can use in the application.

TICK tracker application manual.pdf


Overview of battery endurance

We are constantly improving the TICK tracker and are trying to extend its battery endurance even further. Battery life depends on the hardware and firmware version of the specific device.

See how long the battery will last for in your specific device.

Hardware version NCL21E-2 FW to 536 inclusive Operating modes hw2_fw536.pdf
Hardware version NCL21E-2 FW 540 and higher Operating modes hw2_fw540.pdf
Hardware version NCL21E-3 FW 540 and higher Operating modes hw3_fw540.pdf
Hardware version NCL21E-3 FW 543 and higher Operating modes hw3_fw543.pdf

How do you find out what hardware and firmware you have got?

Just follow the instructions in the video. Or contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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