23. 9. 2016

On September 24th, 2016 , the economic travel race “The Škoda Economy Run”, for petrol and diesel Škoda cars will set off from the town of Maldá Boleslav. The aim of the race is to show that even during common road traffic it is possible to travel at the correct speed, with a low fuel consumption and at the same time behave responsibly towards the environment.

This so called “Eco” rally has a number of special features! All competitors drive in a normal, unmodified Škoda car and in normal traffic on 1st and 2nd class roads. The total length of the route is around 320km. The decisive factors for winning this title are not just fuel consumption but also driving according to the rules of road travel. The victorious crew is the one that attains the lowest emission level of CO2 in grams per kilometre travelled whilst not receiving any penalties for breaking any traffic rules.

We are partners of this race for the third time. Our ONI system GPS trackers, designed for car ignition connection, monitor the movement of each race car. This allows us to control whether all the race drivers uphold traffic rules, do not take a shorter route and do not exceed speed limits.

Two “matadors” of the race will be racing this year in the colours of ONI system – Marek Tomišek and David Kazda in a Škoda Octavia Combi 1.9TDi manufactured in 2007. Marek is a specialist in economical journeys. Thanks to analysing driver behaviour assisted by ONI system GPS trackers he has been able to improve his driving behaviour to the maximum. In a standard Škoda Octavia G-Tec with a 1.4 tsi/81kW engine that consumes not just petrol but also compressed natural gas he has been able to push the boundaries even further. After refuelling he has been able to travel 1700 kilometres without needing to visit a petrol station!

We will keep our fingers crossed that he wins this years´ race.


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