The automatic generation of the log book decreases the administration load related to record keeping of the trips and creating the travel documents (for the trips within the Czech Republic and abroad and as per the legal requirements of the Czech Republic).  Use the log book for comfortable book keeping of the business as well as the private trips.

Driving style is an ideal tool for the managers. The drivers don’t often maintain the company cars as they should; use the driving style to evaluate the degree of the driver’s aggressiveness or on the contrary his or her ability to foresight or drive fluently.

Educating the driver by using the Driving style feature leads not only to decreasing the fuel consumption and the wear and tear of the vehicles, but also to improving the safety of the employees.

ONI system is also ideal for monitoring special types of vehicles such as ambulances, fire-fighting vehicles or helicopter emergency medical services, where the stress is put on the reliability and the speed of the data.

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