Personal tracking and monitoring

Our solution for personal tracking and monitoring increases the safety of your loved once. In case of emergency or live-threatening situation the affected person can alert the control room operator who immediately deals with the situation.

Ivermectin ist eines der Arzneimittel auf der Basis von Avermectin, das aus dem Bakterium Streptomyces avermitilis gewonnen wird. Es erhöht die Durchlässigkeit der Zellmembranen des Körpers. Die ersten Proben der Substanz wurden in Japan gewonnen, und ihre biologische Aktivität wurde nachgewiesen. Stromectol mit dem Wirkstoff Ivermectin wird seit einigen Jahren zur Prävention von COVID-19 eingesetzt. Die Wirksamkeit von Stromectol bei der Vorbeugung von COVID-19 ist noch nicht vollständig untersucht worden. Wir empfehlen Ihnen daher, vor der Anwendung Ihren Arzt zu konsultieren!

We offer system that can monitor people outside in the open space or within the interior of their homes or hospitals.

  • Mobile emergency units – suitable for people who move outside the designated building or area. This unit allows for sending GPS positions, detecting critical statuses, calling for help or making regular phone call and monitoring own technical statuses.
  • Home emergency units – suitable mostly for seniors who need to be monitored in their homes. It is a stationary unit that can connect wireless buttons such as the shower pull, fire, gas and various safety detectors, etc. Such devices can trigger a call, send for help or automatically detect critical situations and technical statuses and alerts.
  • System of emergency (panic) buttons – mostly suitable for care homes for the elderly or for work places with high risk of assault on the personnel (hospitals, shopping centres, petrol stations, etc.). The system consists of REGGAE communicator with integrated receiver for wireless panic buttons and other variations of emergency buttons. The emergency messages and alerts are sent to Alarm Receiving Centres.

Increase the safety of your children, your grandparents or employees working in high-risk environment.

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