Monitoring of building machinery

Company owners and construction managers can use GPS units together with Machine utilization – a special application feature of ONI system – to:

  • view the current and historical positions of the machinery, place of work, hours worked and individual trips,
  • view the status of the machinery (engine on/off, idling, working in one spot without moving, machinery transport to other location) and the time duration of that status,
  • monitor the fuel consumption and receive notifications in case of a theft and lower the possibility of the machine misuse,
  • process reports related to the utilization of the building machines, run the logbook to manage bookkeeping based on individual contracts,
  • protect the machines from a theft when the machine is off – in case the machine is loaded and transported, the trip and the route is recorded in the system,
  • pre-define zones and set rules to automatically receive an alarm in case the machine leaves the set zone.

Utilize technologies for building machinery and make your work easier

  • Monitor the work of individual machines. Find out the reason for excessive idling time and limit it to a minimum.
  • Optimize the utilization of your work groups. Manage the machine usage on individual departments.
  • Use navigation as a mobile attendance system. Record the start and the end of a work day, breaks, loading and uploading.
  • Monitor the plan for the machines regular maintenance and servicing.
  • Identify individual drivers. Prevent penalties caused by unauthorized drivers.
  • Lower the fuel consumption and the motor wear and tear. Monitor the motor over-speeding, the proper usage of gears, travelled distance and refuelling. Discover possible fuel theft or the overuse of additional heating.
  • Run the log book electronically. Manage the bookkeeping and recording based on individual contracts.
  • Monitor the towing or theft of expensive building machinery.
  • Protect your employees. Implement a panic button for emergency situations.
  • Have the system monitor unwanted statuses and send you SMS or e-mails.

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