Solution for industrial areas

It is necessary to run precautionary patrols within the industrial areas which are focused on the facility safety and prevention of trespassing. The security services focus on monitoring personal vehicles and trucks, possible assault on objects and the movement of suspicious people. Their focus is also on monitoring places with high fire risk or storage places with dangerous substances where fire and security signalling is installed and regularly check by the guards.

We provide technologies that help protect human health and assets against unnecessary damage, allow for reacting quickly to accidents at the moment of its origin or even preventing it. The control room operator or the guard receive immediate report about an assault, fire or dangerous substance leakage and can quickly act on it.

Have every possible situation under control. Use special features offered by our network operations and monitoring centre, the communicators and GPS vehicle units.

Make your work easier with technologies for industrial areas

  • Utilize the advantages of our solution for remote transfer. It serves for automatic transfer of information about objects’ statuses secured by electronic fire alarm systems sending information to the control room. The fire call point reports the following information into 1Box system – where does the fire origin is, from which place it was reported and from which sensor. The controller, who remotely checks the statuses of objects and devices connected to alarm receiving centre can get extra minutes to deal with emergency situations and help save lives.
  • Improve the safety of a facility and protect it from trespassing. Thanks to 1Box monitoring system your objects could be protected 27/7The stationed security guards can quickly deal with unauthorized personnel. Monitor the object and its statuses via SMS sent from secured systems or video from camera systems connected to the object.
  • Manage the lights and heat distribution remotely you can switch the lights on and off, you can receive information on emergency statuses or identification of the distribution boards’ inputs, measure the energy offtake of individual objects or monitor critical statuses of boiler rooms. Lower the heat and electricity costs and have immediate information about outages and breakdowns.
  • You can monitor vehicles’ movement and machine work within the industrial area thanks to magnetic or Plug & Play units. It is not necessary to install the units permanently, but you can move them from vehicle to vehicle according to your needs. The magnetic unit is equipped by a strong magnet and could be place anywhere on the vehicle, also on the chassis. The unit is water and shock resistant and suitable for heavy duty. Monitor the utilization of machines and handling equipment and track the movement of visiting vehicles within your premises.
  • Monitor the transfer of dangerous substances, such as petrol or explosives and comply with the requirement of the Ministry of the environment. Create vehicle log books and other reports. Track the movement of railroad carriages transporting shipment for your customer. Avoid penalties and sanctions for late delivery.


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