Solution for hospitals

Solution for hospitals

The hospital management is responsible for securing smooth run of the medical facility. Their financial resources are often limited. In order to maintain a good reputation the hospital needs to invest significant amounts into new medical equipment and the hospital facilities.  

When providing a complex medical treatment the staff needs to be ready for unexpected situations when the life of the patients and the staff itself is in danger. The hospital has to provide secure environment for care provision and lower the risks possibility to a minimum.

We provide technologies that help lower the costs of hospital care and prevent from unnecessary damages on people’s health and property. Our solution also allows for immediate reaction to a situation at the moment of its origin or even preventing it.

Lower the costs of a hospital run, secure the patients and staff safety and security

  • Make the administration of a hospital and the hospital property easier. With 1Box monitoring system the hospital security can monitor all connected objects and manage alarm statuses. The security officer can have immediate info about the monitored people and the history of all alarm situations. He is at once informed about the movement of unauthorized people in restricted areas. He can therefore prevent theft (e.g. of medical equipment or material) or just prevent the wrong people from trespassing.
  • Manage the fire risk – the fire systems connected to alarm receiving centre allows provides immediate information about fire and its place of origin. The security can deal with the fire immediately, within tens of seconds.
  • Lower electricity costs – utilize the possibility to remotely manage technologies and street lights (turning the lights on and off, get reports on outages). Have you electricity costs under control.
  • Have possible substance leakage under control – monitor exceeded humidity at the hospital premises. Sensors connected with communicators and 1Box alarm receiving centre notifies you about any exceeded statuses. You can quickly deal with any situation and prevent more serious damages.
  • Monitor hospital vehicles with GPS units – have accurate information about their positions, about trips and drivers. Create log book automatically and have your fleet under control.
  • Accelerate the communication between the emergency medical services, the doctors and the control room. GPS unit placed in the vehicles sends information about its position and the route of the trip. The controlling operator knows exactly where the cars are going, when they are reaching its destination and he can coordinate the movement of the vehicles. Equip vehicles with navigation connected with GPS units. The operator can send GPS coordinated of the place where a medical intervention is needed into the navigation. The request could be sent directly from ONI system portal.
  • Secure the safety of patients who need special care. Use system of wireless buttons to enable the patients call for help in case of emergency.

Protect your employees. Physical attacks by patients at the hospital premises are not an exception these days. Enable the staff call for help with panic buttons in case of emergency.

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