Certificate of conformity of 1Box® monitoring technology

Certificate for 1Box® monitoring system

NAM system, a.s. has been awarded a certificate of conformity according to ČSN EN 50 518:2020 for 1Box® monitoring technology for Alarm Receiving Centres.



Certificate of a Genuine CZECH trademark

Certificate of Genuine CZECH trademark

NAM system, a.s. has obtained a certificate of use of the „Genuine CZECH“ trademark. We are a Czech company and we pay taxes in the Czech Republic.

Certificate from the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic


Certificate from National Security Authority no. 001936

NAM system, a.s. has obtained, as per the Act N 412/2005 Coll on the Protection of Classified Information and as per the security clearance, the access to classified information at the security classification level RESTRICTED.

Certificate of the General Directorate for Fire and Rescue Services

Schvalovací list hasičů

Approval certificates GD FRS.pdf

Our technology and equipment for asset monitoring is in compliance with all the legal requirements valid for the division of fire protection in the Czech Republic. Our products are also in compliance with regulations for safety tests and electromagnetic compatibility.

EC TYPE-APPROVAL CERTIFICATE from the Ministry of Transport (e8)

Certifikát schválení typu E8

Certificate E8.pdf

ONI system GPS unit has been approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and awarded the certificate of electromagnetic compatibility. The approved unit can be sold on the market as a part and an accessory of a motor vehicle.

Certificate of environmental electronic waste handling

osvědčení REMA

REMA Battery Certificate

NAM system, a.s. complies with the rules of environmental handling of portable batteries and accumulators and thus it protects the environment.

EKO-KOM certificate

Osvědčení EKO-KOM

EKO-KOM certificate

We are involved in one of the largest environmental projects in the Czech Republic – the operation of the sorting and recycling of packaging waste organized by EKO-KOM company.

Certificate of membership in CCC and CSSC

Certificate CSSC a CCC

We connect with other security professionals. We are members of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Czech Security Services Club.



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