IPC mobile application

RRH web application


It consists of the IPC mobile user application and the RRH web dispatcher application. The IPC mobile application, which is intended for the security personnel of the buildings, enables immediate call for help, quick creation of information about the security incident and continuous electronic text and multimedia communication with the system control center.

The EmNET dispatcher has a special dispatching application at his disposal, where he evaluates individual threats from objects and generates new threat warnings with the possibility of their immediate process-controlled distribution to type or geographically selected groups of soft targets. The system then allows the dispatcher to efficiently refine information for a particular threat and send out bulk instructions on the threat.


  • objects or events with large number of visitors
  • city/city police that oversee objects and order in the streets
  • objects on which an increased attack is aasumed
  • persons under protection or at risk of attack

EmNET – system for informing and warning on security threats

EmNET is a platform specifically designed and developed to protect soft targets from threats such as terrorist and other attacks, agressive or uncontrolled behaviour. It enables immediate response with controlled communication between subjects which are part of the system.

The solution is unique especially by combination of SW and HW security and information elements into one comprehensive communication and information system.


The main advantages of the GPS device

  • The device is portable – you can give it to various people/employees/competitors depending on who you currently need to monitor
  • Simple operation via the mobile application
  • No fixing/installation needed
  • 24/7 control centre support
  • Long battery endurance in comparison with other devices on the market
  • Excellent GPS sensitivity for capturing positions
  • The device includes a SIM card and so works straight from the box

Usages of the TICK tracker

  • Monitoring children, seniors
  • Monitoring patrol routes taken by employees
  • Organizing people in the field (police, security agencies)
  • Organizing sporting events (bicycle races, boat races, etc.)
  • Monitoring free–time activities (skiing, water sports, mountain hiking, bike/motorcycle riding)


Advantages of using HelpCare

  • A wide range of panic buttons allow residents to call for help from anywhere – in bed, in the corridor even outside the building
  • Warns when disoriented person leaves, fire breaks out, water leaks, etc.
  • Personnel know immediately about the alarm wherever they are in the building and not just in the sister’s office
  • HelpLivi can be used to record the work of personnel – no extra special system or readers needed
  • An overview of all previous events is at your disposal
  • The complete system is simple to operate and administer – the mobile and web applications offer everything necessary for this
  • No complicated installation – the system is wireless
  • The system can be made to measure and changed/broadened at any time according to needs
  • 24/7 overview of technology functionality. Technical service if problems occur