HelpCare – a system for calling help and ensuring the safety of people

HelpCare can be used for various purposes and in different places like hospitals, schools, local authorities and shopping centres etc.

Look at HelpCare general catalogue to find out how you can solve threatening situations and protect people and property just from the press of a button.


Czech version Katalog HelpCare CZ.pdf

English version Catalogue HelpCare EN.pdf

German version Katalog HelpCare_DE.pdf


Do you take care of seniors? Look at our specialized HelpCare catalogue for senior accomodation and care services.


Czech version Katalog HelpCare_domovy seniorů_CZ.pdf

English version Catalogue HelpCare_senior accomodation_EN.pdf

German version Katalog HelpCare_seniorpflege_DE.pdf




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